Hi, I'm Mathieu

I do design for free software and digital commons.

I drink coffee to keep me warm.

Recent submissions


With its markdown editor, its capacity to embed multimedia content, its support for both hierarchical folders and tags arrange in familiar layout, Joplin is a note-taking app to effectively organize your thoughts. It runs on several platforms (React Native for iOS and Android, Electron for Desktops), works local first, encrypts your notes and syncs them across your devices.

Have we just found the one note-taking app that fullfils all our expectations!? Not exactly, as some usability issues may discourage newcomers to stick with Joplin.

  • productivity
Mockup of Joplin. The windows is divided into three parts: the first column shows where notes are organized (using folders or tags), the second column shows the content of the item selected in the first colum. Finally, the main part of the window shows a text editor.

Open Street Map

The worldwide cartography project is sometimes depicted as an "alternative to Google Maps". This is unfortunate, as it results in people visiting while expecting to find a top-notch tool to calculate their itineraries. Then they experience frustration and leave (or stay) with a bad impression.

Yet it is possible to provide visitors with a pleasant experience for fullfilling their basic routing needs, whilst keeping the strength of what is actually intended as a tool for the community folks editing the map.

  • cartography
Screenshot of the wireframes we made to build an interactive prototype to test our proposal. Our new form has enhanced input fields, with as-you-type suggestions and contrast to distinguish primary information (like city) from secondary one (like region and country). The form also sports a dropdown to select the routing engine used for direction calculation, and icon buttons to select transportation methods (like pedestrian, bike or car).

Older work


The app features a list of documents in a left pane, and shows the selected document in the main view

"Scan and forget". With such an appealing slogan, I absolutely had to try Paperwork, and see how it could help me deal with the many papers I receive by mail, and I struggle sorting.

Things were not as simple as I hoped, so I did an in-depth review and suggested improvements. All that was very well received by Paperwork's author, who did bring life to our mockups.

  • productivity
  • gnome


Mockup showing three panes of equal width, with a file being open in the first pane, and the two other panes showing their empty state.

Dealing with multiple versions of a file and struggling to tell the differences? Diffuse is here to ease your pain.

The project maintainer wanted their app to get included into GNOME Circle. This required updating the UI to comply with Circle's inclusion criteria. It took me a few days to provide mockups and wireframes for this complete UI overhaul.

  • productivity
  • gnome


The Lutris app showing details of the game "Night in the woods"

This highly praised game launcher requires to go through many obstacles before running your first game. We shared the story of our first steps with Lutris, and provided designs for an enhanced onboarding. Some of our propositions were implemented as part of Lutris 0.5.8.

  • gaming
  • gnome


Tilix was a great terminal app, whose developpment ceased after its maintainer stepped down from this project. Too bad, we had great plans for it!

  • productivity
  • gnome spreads news about free software movement and Linux related software to the french-speaking community. News are written by the community with the site collaborative editor, and published after moderation approval. The site also sports comments, blogs, and forums, among other features.

Despite an increasing number of visits, the contribution activity of the site was declining. We ran a study and understand why, analyzed the answers of our 285 participants, and identified priorities for the site. We proposed a new categorisation to organize content, a new interface that suits both desktop and mobile devices, and more.

  • news
  • web
This mockup for mobile features un uncluttered navigation bar on the top, and a list of the latest news